Delivery and Assembly

We offer a wide range of services for an exceptional product. Depending on the size of the order, there is the possibility to deliver the product to your desired port, for example. In addition, the experienced CUL Masten team can take over the assembly of the new rig. This work requires many years of practical experience and know-how. To name a few:

  • Pressing, rolling of stainless steel wires up to ø 16mm
  • Splicing of synthetic shrouds and halyards
  • Replacement of halyards and sheets
  • Assembly of the furling system
  • Installation of the wind measuring system
  • Installation of antennas and mast electrics

Quick to sailing success: Trimming

Should you be satisfied with the existing material but not with the performance or sailing characteristics of the boat, trimming the rig should solve this problem. The possibilities are numerous: CUL-Masts checks the tensions of your shrouds and the mast drop and adjusts them optimally.


In sailing, both for active regatta sailors and for recreational sailors, it is not only about speed and visual appearance, but also safety plays an important role. Therefore, every sailor should check his rig after some time and modernize it if necessary. Today's materials guarantee a high level of safety and are convincing in their price-performance ratio. CUL-Masten uses among others Dyneema, PBO-Zylon or Vectran as modern synthetic rigging. In practice, the enormous potential of these materials is shown by the fact that the rig becomes lighter and the boat sails smoother in wind and wave. Whether in regatta or in leisure, this promises considerably more fun.

Repair and Maintenance

Have bad weather conditions caused damage to your boat? Has a thunderstorm raged in your harbor? Has there been a mishap or may there be maintenance required? CUL masts can repair faults, produce spare parts, take care of maintenance and repair.

Not to be underestimated is the strain on the steel wires, which over time lose their ability to stretch and then the risk of breakage increases dramatically. Timely replacement saves other components from damage and grants sailors more safety on board. CUL-Masten relies on the reliability of the proven Wireteknik shroud rolling machine, which can roll wires up to 16 mm in diameter.

Especially after damage, there is an opportunity to rely on new material and modern technology: The time has come for a modern carbon fiber mast. It is time for CUL technology.

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