Carbon Ultra Light Masten

Best sailing conditions, the perfect boat: What could further enhance the pleasure of leisure? High-tech equipment made of the best possible material.

CUL-Masten from the Upper Bavarian town of Weilheim is the reliable partner for the realization of special sailing dreams. CUL-Masten manufactures high-tech masts, booms, spinnaker poles and gennaker poles made of carbon. Individual solutions are often required. Especially in this case, CUL-Masten is the right partner: The production is tailor-made and thus each part is adapted to the individual boat and to the given requirements.


Own shapes - Own ideas

A carbon mast made by CUL masts has a special identifying feature. CUL masts are manufactured with integrated mast groove. This is seamlessly incorporated during the molding process and thus significantly increases the strength of the carbon mast.

In addition, CUL-Masten place particular emphasis on individuality, lightness in all attachments and ease of use.

Carbon - A little help in deciding

Did you know how the material carbon changes the performance of your boat?
It gives the mast significantly better dynamic properties. Practically, it shows better propulsion due to the higher stiffness and especially the fast recovery behavior. Pitching in the wave is reduced and the boat sails wonderfully smooth with the carbon mast. The mast generates a much higher righting moment due to its lighter weight. The result is an incomparable sailing feeling!


CUL-Masten offers more

The product range is not limited to poles and booms. CUL-Masten also offers trend-setting standing rigging made of synthetic fibers, such as carbon, Dyneema, Vectran or PBO, as well as conventional wire and rod to equip new or existing masts. To complete the rigging, CUL-Masten supplies the right running rigging from well-known manufacturers for every application. Modern innovative products like the CUL-Power-Kicker complete the range.

Made in Germany - Made in Bavaria

All products of CUL-Masten are made in Germany, in highly appreciated quality under the motto "Made in Germany". These need not remain merely a dream for any boat owner. It's time for CUL technology!

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