Running rigging

Best quality ropes and pods

Top lines and halyards are characterized by various properties. These include low stretch, abrasion and weight, as well as good grip and spliceability, coupled with high durability. High quality improve propulsion, as the sail profile does not change and thus shows its best possible performance.

For modern daysailers, regatta yachts, but also for cruising yachts, it therefore makes sense to rely on modern halyards and sheets made of high-strength Dyneema® or Vectran® with a grippy sheathing made of Technora® and PBO-Zylon®.

Always check ropes

Keep an eye on your ropes and check them regularly! Especially in the area of the deflections and halyard stoppers the loads are the greatest and the wear is immediately noticeable.

Accessories - perfect down to the smallest detail

CUL-Masten is the right partner when you need replacements. We use lines from well-known manufacturers, such as Gleistein, Robline or Liros. Of course, we also offer matching services for the lines, such as tapering and splicing as well as the attachment of rigging, soft shackles or halyard snappers.

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