Power kicker

The CUL-Power-Kicker is an ultra-lightweight design boom prop with downhaul function. The simplified operation is equally welcome in recreational sports and regattas. Easy installation, attractive carbon design. Once installed-convinced forever.

This is how the CUL-Power-Kicker works: In light winds, the Power Kicker pushes the main boom up and relieves the leech. This provides the necessary twist in the mainsail and optimum propulsion. The length and thus the strength of the pusher function can be adjusted at the elegantly curved ends. A wonderful comfort effect is visible when lowering the mainsail, as in this case the main boom remains stationary and the Dirkleine or boom support is not immediately necessary.

The spring strength varies depending on the size of the boat. The kicker is delivered ready mounted with a Dyneema cascade tack 1:16 and lightweight aluminum rings. In carbon design, highly polished white or black, it makes a good figure on daysailers, dragons, H-boats or dinghy cruisers.

  1. Relief of the leech with little wind
  2. Boom downhaul
  3. Boom prop
  4. Light
  5. easy assembly
  6. maintenance-free
  7. 1:16 Kaskaden Dyneema Talje
  8. Design in carbon, white or black or also on request color

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