Carbon gennaker pole

Recreational sailors and regatta sailors alike appreciate the modern carbon gennaker pole from CUL-Masten. On request, this CUL gennaker pole can be reinforced with state-of-the-art Innegra fibers for impact protection. Modern CUL-technology and carefully manufactured by us in southern Germany.

Laminate structure and reinforcements

Whether the bowsprit is used for the gennaker or Code 0, the CUL-Masten manufacturing technology meets the highest strength requirements. Partial reinforcements for fittings or waterstay can be implemented. To increase the impact strength, the combination of carbon with materials such as aramid or Innegra can be realized.

Installation solution gennaker pole

If your boat is not yet pre-equipped for the use of a gennaker pole, we can also supply suitable tubes for installation or assembly to our gennaker poles. Length and material thickness will be determined according to specifications and in consultation with the yacht designer, as well as the shipyard and your boat builder.
We also supply extendable telescopic gennaker poles, if the space in the boat is limited or the boom is also to be used for gennaker and code0.

End fittings

To complete the product, CUL-Masten supplies the matching and tailor-made end fittings for the gennaker poless. These are manufactured boat-specific as a special design on modern machines to fit exactly.

Profile sizes

  Profile size Inner diameter Wall thicknesses Maximum pipe length
40er Profil 40 mm according to requirements 6100 mm
50er Profil 50 mm according to requirements 4700 mm
60er Profil 60 mm according to requirements 5800 mm
70er Profil 70 mm according to requirements 5700mm
80er Profil 80 mm according to requirements 7000 mm
90er Profil 90 mm according to requirements 5700 mm
100er Profil 100 mm according to requirements 8000 mm
110er Profil 110 mm according to requirements 8000 mm
125er Profil 125 mm according to requirements 8000 mm
140er Profil 140 mm according to requirements 8000 mm

Other wall thicknesses, dimensions and lengths available on request

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